Benefits Of Detoxing Using Various Health Drinks

healthy drink with fruit in it

A lot of people are beginning to realise the many benefits associated with detoxing. The fact is, it is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Not only are you going to prime your body for optimal performance, but it is going to be a great way to help you feel better overall. In this article, we will be going over some of the main benefits of detoxing using various health drinks such as the new clean 9 craze.

1. Boost Your Energy.

One of the biggest benefits that you are going to get from using these kinds of health drinks is the ability to boost your energy. Many people that go through some form of detox program end up feeling better overall energy levels as a result. By cutting out all of the bad things that you are eating and replacing them with leafy greens and all other kinds of detoxing ingredients, you are going to ultimately experience a huge energy boost.

2. Removes Excess Waste.

Another benefit that you are going to get from detoxing using these kinds of health drinks is the fact that you are going to be able to remove any excess waste. A lot of people have all kinds of excess waste being stored in the liver, kidneys, and the colon. By taking health drinks and drinking them regularly, you should be able to remove the excess waste and even keep new waste from generating. This is going to allow you to really feel your best.… Read the rest

Live crazy – bouncing good fun!

bouncy castle fun

Oh wow guys we took a trip to Liverpool recently to see my uncle Mark Tark and it was our neice’s birthday (happy birthday Emma), there was the best bouncy castle I’ve ever seen! We were talking to the owners from Cobra Castles – bouncy castles and they were lovely people.

What an enteraining day we all had. Not had jelly and ice-cream since I was a kid, mmmm lovely.

Emma had a great time on the bouncy castle and she got a computer game for her main present, she’s only 12 and she got an 18 certificate game for her xbox (Grand Theft Auto) which she got at christmas.

We ended up having an argument about whether or not she should be allowed to have the game but after the heat died down (probably alchohol fueled) and a few of the rowdier people left, the police turned up but there was nothing left to tackle.

Anyway alls well that ends well and it’s a crazy crazy world that you all live in – I feel sorry for you all who have to live in it! hahaha

Bye for now

Jasmine x… Read the rest

Let Me Be Perfectly Clear


The reason people quit writing (something I would like very much to do at the moment) is simple: writing makes unhappy people feel worse. This is not, as the venture capitalists like to say, a very compelling value proposition. Misery moves the fingers across the keys, generating new bits of misery to fuel future work. In that sense, it’s energy-efficient. But it isn’t very much fun.

Writing is famously isolating. People who write at cafés, or sitting at the kitchen table while the children wail and set fire to each other’s hair and the roast burns in the oven and the mice scurry to and fro across the floor, and the significant other can be heard banging the postman in the broom closet, and the clothes dryer, weighted with sneakers that had to be washed after a street person threw up directly on them as you fished around in your pockets for change, is inching, millimeter by millimeter, its way off the platform you foolishly set it on in order to make some room in this cramped two-bedroom apartment you are sharing with, count them, five other human beings each with his or her wants and wounds and needs and noises, all crammed into a two-bedroom apartment because you couldn’t get yourself a real, full-time legitimate job in finance or e-commerce but instead had to subsist on those silly movie reviews while you wrote that pretentious, precious, thoroughly unreadable epic about the emotional journey of the only heterosexual in a certain first-year dorm at Smith, are kidding themselves.… Read the rest

I’m Getting Obsessed With Virtual Reality!

immersive virtual reality

If you follow the news, you probably know the virtual reality is going to be the next huge thing now and it’s big already. My friend Josh introduced me to this crazy world and I’m totally obsessed with it! He’s fully into immersive virtual reality but I’m just starting out so anything to do with VR is just exciting. If you don’t know what immersive virtual reality is, click the link before and you’ll get to an article from Virtalis where they you can see some videos with good explanation, like the one below:… Read the rest

Great post I’ve read on Medium

elissa patel

5 Minutes in Hell

1: I’m at a dinner, and a friend asks, “How’s Work?” 2: I’m at a party, and a stranger says “What do you do?” 3: I run into a friend’s mom, and she says “What are you up to these days?”

I gear up. Here goes 5 minutes of back and forth small talk on my ‘life’.

Ready, Set…

Great!! I’m at B company. I’m doing C there. So that’s everything from doing W to Z. It’s really challenging, but I really like it.

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